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About wmconlon

I am the first born son, named after William Martin Conlon.

In Dad’s Words

Back in 2002, on the occasion of my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, we asked Gino Thomas to interview my father to gather his recollections of important events.  I thought that using an unrelated third party might pull out stories that he might be reluctant to tell his kids, either because we already had heard them, or because we might be reluctant to ask.  Gino did a fabulous job and he and my Dad had a great time over the roughly three hours that they talked on camera.

I had planned to make a transcript and add captioning, and also try to clean up some sound issues.  But after 15 years, I decided it was better to just release this unedited and as-is.

Dad’s fabulous memory is on display as he talks about growing up in the small town of Whitman, the aunts and uncles that cared for him after his mother and step-mother died, his high school and college experiences and the war years.  The interviews continues to his fascinating professional career beginning with the first facsimile systems at Western Union, followed by jobs in the aerospace field, including his role in charge of test engineering for the Lunar Module.

William Martin Conlon talks about growing up in Whitman, his WWII service, education, and work life from Bill Conlon on Vimeo.


Where I have lived

I came across this file on my Dad’s computer, listing his residences over the years.

ADDRESSES I HAVE LIVED AT            10/30/2004

9 Elm Place, Whitman, MA 1923-1932
106 N. Washington Street, Whitman, MA 1932-1934
18 1/2 Temple Street, Whitman, MA 1935-1948
— Beach 70th Street, Arverne (Rockaways),NY 1948
— W. Runyon St., Newark, NJ 1948
285 Lincoln Ave, Orange, NJ 1949
157 S. Center St., Orange,NJ 1950
5812 217th St., Bayside, NY 1951-1952
9 Elizabeth Dr., Bethpage, NY   11714 1953-1966
1002 Cedar La.,  El Lago(Seabrook) , Tx   77586 1966-1969
9 Elizabeth Dr., Bethpage, NY   11714 1969-

A Grateful Nation

The United States of America
honors the memory of
William M. Conlon

This certificate is awarded by a grateful
nation in recognition of devoted and
selfless consecration to the service
of our country in the Armed Forces
of the United State.

Barack Obama
President of the United States

VA_Certificate_WMConlonReceived from the Department of Veterans Affairs 17 October 2014.

Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) Recollections

In this interview Dad talks about some of his experiences during his six years working for Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation on the LEM, including three in Houston at the Manned Spacecraft Center (now Johnson Space Center) near Clear Lake, Texas.  Dad was Chief of Test Operations for the for the ground test articles.

The interview was conducted by Gene Thomas in Bethpage on May 30, 2002.